How do I re obtain multiple profile photos?

Yesterday I checked my instructabules, and I had about 15 profile photos under my main profile photo. but today I added a few other pics, and now it only shows the main profile photo, how can i fix this to where i can see all of them?

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lemonie7 years ago
I clicked on (again).
I didn't see any images, and I think I used to...
Try uploading them again (from your library if you can) order them as you wish and save.

Yours are still there, Lemonie -- ten little pictures under the card -- as are mine. This user doesn't have any alternative avatar images.
Yes, but I didn't change anything... (recently) L
onrust lemonie7 years ago
I have had the same problem. I took "this" photo the other day and put it up. After I did all my others where gone but they are all still in my image library.
kelseymh7 years ago
Post this as a bug report, or send a PM to I'bes Staff member Ed Lewis (see under "About"). Is the rest of your profile still there, or is all of that gone, too? There's at least one other user who had this happen to them.
knuckel (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
the rest is ok and all, can you send me a link pls?
At the bottom of this (or any) page, you'll find a link "About", which lists all of the Instructables staff.  Ed Lewis is the best contact for data content problems, or Randy Sarafan for user issues.