How do I refit a door when the screw have become to big for holes in the wall?

My front door has come off it's hinges and out of the wall.Should I use dowel and then redrill it or is there a better way?

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EZHangDoor7 years ago
Wood glue and a golf tee. Put some glue on the tee, place it in the hole and let it dry. Cut it off and drill your new hole.
if you have a way of keeping the door in its right position you can fill the holes with an epoxy resin and then put the screws back in. Screw will be stuck in there permanently then.
Prfesser8 years ago
I agree with lemonie, fill and move is the best way, especially for a front door that will be used very often. An alternative that works fairly well---I've done it several times--- is to snap a toothpick (or several) in half, dip in a little glue, stick it in the hole--fat end first---snap it off level. Then drive the screw back into the hole. Prfesser
I've also done that but using 3 matches. Works a treat.
msw1008 years ago
Why not use bigger screws and wall plugs.Unless you are handy with a chisel, and can sent out the new positions accurately, moving the hinges is a bad idea
lemonie8 years ago
The best way is to fill in the old holes and move the hinges. You can then start fresh and do the job properly. L