How do I remove large stickers from the sun visor / windows on my car without harming the finish of the visor & window

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bluefly12157 years ago
I used to work in a sign shop and had to remove this stuff daily. We used a heat gun to soften the glue and then scrape it off with an old credit card. You can use a single edged blade to scrape on the glass. We tried not to use solvents on them, it causes more problems than it helped/ 
d2j58 years ago
windex or vinegar could work. if not then you could buy some school whitebord cleaner( no idea if it would cause damage to your window though)
im shure that car supply store might sell special things for removeing stickers ( such as a tool or liquid)
rosanna8 years ago
Try Eucalyptus oil, it always work for the registration sticker on the card window.
first peel the slick layer off exposing the paper fibers then saturat it well with WD40 let it soak in untill the glue is loose enough to peel it off with hands and scrub the glue off with a wrag. you will then need to clean the windows with a degreeser followed by glass cleaner.
johndecal8 years ago
There are many sticker removal products and the products may vary according to substance it has to deal with. A metal razor blade works okay on metal and if used properly shouldn’t scratch the surface. If you are concerned you might scratch the surface, consider using a tool made from rubber or plastic. Heat and chemicals are suitable but in this case they are time consuming as a metal blade would be quicker. Last week I found some sticker removal products from a website which work well in removing stickers from car windows. Wonder rubber wheels and plastic blades are very efficient in doing this job as they leave less chance of casualties and take less time than the other decal removing products.
htmlinc8 years ago
I don't know about the visor because of the fabric but on a window, use this stuff called C-60. We use it to remove labels all the time at work and it works instantly. Just start to peal, spray a little for the fastest results or spray on a rag and apply so you don't get it on the paint. If you can't find any, you may try brake or carb cleaner from any car parts store.
Peel off the as much of the sticker as possible, then spread peanut butter over anything still left. It should come off after awhile. I don't think it would do anything to the window.
walkthewalk8 years ago
Use a razor blade on the window stickers.
chuckr448 years ago
Duck brand makes its own version of Goo Gone and it works very well. But you must let it sit 10-30 minutes. It smells of oranges, but I think it's kerosene based.
hot water and peel. if it doesnt peel then try using a plastic scraper along with the hot water
dcr7778 years ago
There are a number of citrus based products on the market that easily remove almost any stickers from most surfaces without damage. My personal favorite is Goo Gone, available at Walmart, and most auto shops. If you want a quick, easy, inexpensive and natural way to remove stickers though; juice a couple of oranges, or lemons- mix the juice with some water in a spray bottle (1/3 juice, 2/3 water) and spray it on the stickers. Let it soak in, then using a sponge (preferably one with a rough side), scrub it off. Repeat process until removed. Again, I'd just spend the 2 - 5 bucks and buy some Goo Gone or other citrus based sticker remover..
l8nite8 years ago
The "stickers" on the sunvisors are usually safety warnings and information that should be left in place. removing stickers on the outside of windows, bumperstickers etc, first try using a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive and slowly peel off the sticker, if that doesnt work carefully use a safety razorblade or razorscraper, the left over goo can be removed with rubbing alcohol or wd-40. The inside windows can be done the same way unless the windows are tinted in which case Id recommend consulting a tint shop
GnomeMaster8 years ago
hot water would probably work, or rubbing alchahol