How do I remove the front panel from my Creative SBS 230 speakers?

I'm trying to disassemble my speakers. I've found 2 screws to remove at the bottom, and there are 4 more screws in the front, holding the front panel (with the fabric) to the rest of the body.
Is there a way to get them out without tearing the fabric?

pravardhan7 years ago
Remove all the 4 screws in the back.

Take a Flat - Sharp Screwdriver and just make a push/jack the sides of the speaker (in the groove) with the help of the screwdriver. Both sides (front & back) are glued together.

Pull both the front and back sides and you have successfully removed Creative SBS 230 speakers.
Re-design8 years ago
Looking at pictures of the speakers I would try popping off the fabric screen.  It looks like a flat screw driver under the edge and they'd come right off.  Or maybe not.

Try it anyway.
frollard8 years ago
Normally the fabric cover is friction fit on the front, or screwed from the inside.  Look for additional screws hiding under pads, particularly the warranty sticker or make/model sticker.