How do I remove the platter from this SCSI harddrive?

I found an old SCSI harddrive that stopped working a while ago, and decided to take it apart. From all the videos and tutorials I've seen, the platter(s) had a screw or multiple screws which you can take off, and then easily take out. From what I can see, there are no screws or anything I can really take off. How do I remove the platter?

Picture of How do I remove the platter from this SCSI harddrive?
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Odonata8 years ago
At long last, I have the answer! The central hub has six slots and an outer doughnut-shaped ring. The secret is to use a small screwdriver, insert it into the slots, and use it as a lever to pry the outer ring outward and upward. The first slot will cause it to bend a bit, then the subsequent ones will actually remove the ring. Then the platters and spacers will merely slide off the motor casing.
garooob Odonata8 years ago
Excellent! I've been looking all over for the answer, because I have 6 of these hard drives out of a 10+ year old server at work which I need to destroy. Taking the platters out will make this much easier! Thanks!
Odonata8 years ago
Just to commiserate... I have the same problem. I've tried needlenose pliers-as-torque-driver, and tried regular pliers to grab the aluminum hubs on both sides to no avail. I will say that the bottom hub is simple to remove just with a bit of twisting via needlenose pliers, but I cannot figure how to separate the platters.
Odonata Odonata8 years ago
I tried dremeling a flashlight case so that it had "teeth" to fit in the space, then twisting the central hub. Perhaps my "pipe" was too soft, because the teeth broke out of it. The hub didn't budge.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. In the third pic, the grayish disk with the three slots in the circumference looks like a nut to me. The wrench would fit in the slots. . Just a guess.
skarjoko (author)  NachoMahma8 years ago
Ah, you were right. That was a nut. Now the only problem I have is with disassembling the platters. The only thing I can really see that might come off is the top part, though I don't have any tools that would fit into those 6 slots. Any ideas?
. See Andy's needle-nose suggestion.
AndyGadget8 years ago
Regarding the nut - I'd try a pair of needle nose pliers upright into two of the slots, then an adjustable spanner on the pivot block of the pliers to get some torque. Could well be too tight to do that without damaging the pliers though. I've used that technique successfully a few times for similar situations. Probably not the case here, but be careful with the platters. I once tried bending a platter from a 2.5" drive to see what sort of 'metal' it was made of - It was glass. I was peppered with a trillion high-velocity razor-sharp shards.