How do I repair a burned spot on vinyl flooring? I was told a hot ash did the damage.

The damage is very small, however the floor is natural oak in color and the dark spot stands out very well. The tile is a one-piece roll type of flooring and I do have leftover from the installation.

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frollard8 years ago
If a section needs to be replaced - its just a cut and paste job. Overlay a new patch with the grain lined up with the old stuff, and cut a swatch to fit, cutting BOTH the new piece and the existing area to be replaced so the swatch and cutout match shape exactly. Since it's wood grain, try to match any straight edges, or cut an elongated diamond shape so there are no truly straight lines that 'cut' through the pattern. Ideally, replace a section with the exact portion of the repeated pattern (if existent) on your spares.
EmmaCay4 years ago
Thanks for sharing. I would love to help but I'm not sure. I would suggest you talk to a professional vinyl flooring guy Vancouver, BC. Good luck.
bowman (author) 8 years ago
Thanks frollard! Your suggestion matches the advise I found since writing my question here. I normally will obtain several ideas and when a get several that match, that is generally the best idea to use. Thanks again.
lemonie8 years ago
You could cut the damage out and use filler to repair. It won't look perfect, but would not stand out as much as the dark spot you have at the moment.

it's vinyl flooring :( wood filler would be funny...
Yes it would, but better than the dark spot. I would have suggested your answer, but I mis-read "I do have leftover from the installation" as "I don't have leftover from the installation" (somehow)

lol, its so easy to miss those little qualifiers. English as a language sucks.