How do I save a webpage that uses programming for offline use?

There have now been quite a few websites that I have really enjoyed and used, and then without warning they go offline, leaving me bereft.

There's a webpage that uses some sort of programming to allow you to make your own graph paper - is it possible for me to save this so that I can use it offline, please?

I have tried the normal save page stuff, but that doesn't work ;-)

Here is the link:

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basically, you can't. Certainly that particular example hides the clever bits very well - they're done "server side", and not on your PC. There are LOADS of free alternatives though.
NachoMahma6 years ago
. Get a web site ripper/copier, eg, HTTrack Website Copier. That should grab the JS files that the page uses and adjust the links to grab them locally.
. Yep. It works
Ohhh was it done with JS not PHP server side? JS is still on my list of things to learn...
kevinhannan (author) 6 years ago
Thanks, Steveastrouk ;-) I appreciate your time and quick answer.
You're welcome. I learned something myself finding out.