How do I set up a circuit for use with an Arduino UNO to control 5 servos with 5 corresponding potentiometers?

Is this even possible to do?

iceng4 years ago
This uno has over 5 analog inputs and over 5 digital PWM outputs.

Yes ... I think it is possible.
  1. Wire your 5 pots to gnd and +5V
  2. Run the wipers to the analog inputs.
  3. Read the voltage to decide where each pot is set.
  4. Wire your servos to gnd and +5V
  5. Place the 3d wire to a digital output
  6. In software pulse width control each digital with a 1500µsec neutral position.

martzsam (author)  iceng4 years ago
Ok. Thanks for the reply. I will try this out and see how it goes!
maewert4 years ago
You may also wish to review the Servo library data here:
Gives you sample code and good info (like providing a separate power supply for the servos since the Arduino's supply probably wont be able to drive itself and 5 servos).

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