How do I sneak coke?

I need to get some more cola, but my parents wont let me. I stay at home a lot unless im at school, but i need a way to go buy some cola without my parents getting suspicious

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Krimm5 years ago
If your reading this on any kind of smartphone, what you need to do is this. Stab yourself with a spoon, repeatedly.
Linux_hero6 years ago
Your title is misleading but you would probs go to the gas station and just drink it and throw it in a dumpster on your way back.
PitStoP8 years ago
LOL... shame shame shame...=D Maybe you should not sneak around your parents .. Why they don't want you to have more cola?
Spidey123456 (author)  PitStoP8 years ago
They dont want me to have it because i take it to school
wtf i thought this post was about the other cola lmao
"hang out" with you friends and go buy some at a local store or gas station thats what i do
toogers8 years ago
instead of trying to sneak it, say you need the cans for some sort of project.
I doubt you could drink enough soda to harm your "overall chemical balances" as BeanGolem said, but the part about dissolving your teeth is no joke. Drilling into and replacing your teeth can get expensive. Buying cans or small bottles of anything on a regular basis can get expensive too. Why not get a big jar of instant tea whose ingredients read "100% tea". (It's much cheaper per glass than pre-sweetened or flavored.) Add your own sugar and perhaps some unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla extract, or other spices. You can get your flavor and caffeine fix and avoid the stress of hiding something from the parents.
My friend stopped drinking Mt. Dew and lost 30 pounds. Didn't do anything else. Just stopped drinking soda. It will affect your body.
Oh, I was thinking of some dubious claims regarding mineral balances. I definitely agree that consuming that many calories in liquid form on a daily basis will affect your weight, both directly and indirectly (habituation to sweetness, etc.)
cdubnbird8 years ago
get a platypus sack. people that do high adventure activities use flexible containers with spouts that come off of them so they can move around freely and still be able to drink. get some clothes that have at least two layers (like a hoodie) and get between the layers put the filled platypus sack in between then swe the layers back up and now you have coke wrapped around your body. just don't play football unless you want the sack to burst
BeanGolem8 years ago
Another soda junkie, eh? How much do you drink? I would really suggest you don't make drinking soda, especially cola, a habit. The acidity and sugar are not only terrible for your teeth, they are terrible for your overall chemical balances and bodily functions. And just think about the hundreds of thousands of gallons of gasoline used every year just to haul around sugar-acid.
Spidey123456 (author)  BeanGolem8 years ago
It's not a habit man, its and addiction Jk