How do I softmod my wii to load backups?

So recently I've been really into the whole wii softmodding idea.  What I want to do is install the backup channel and I have no idea what needs to be done prior to ensure this goes smoothly.  I have system menu 4.2 and installing the homebrew channel wont be a problem.  I know I need something called the "truncha bug" to install CIOS but thats all I know.  All help is welcome Thanks :)

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Simply follow the Softmod Any Wii Guide or use ModMIi and you will be able to use the backup loader of your choice. This will install the truchabug into IOS36 and then install IOS249 which can run the usb loaders.
junits15 (author)  streamlinehd6 years ago  I just used this, thanks anyway though
nickodemus7 years ago

This should help.

It runs backups from a USB stick, Usb HDD, or SD card from what I read.
Have you installed the Homebrew Channel yet?
junits15 (author)  nickodemus7 years ago
i've actually been having a problem...I cant get the hackmii installer to run because i can't get bannerbomb to work on system menu 4.2 :\ i click the SD tab and it doesn't ask me to load boot.dol/,elf

By no means am I an expert in the modding area, but you might have downloaded the wrong version of Bannerbomb. When I modded mine, I had system 4.2U, and it all went off without a hitch. Also, DVDX apparently installed fine, though I haven't downloaded the DVD app yet.

This forum has lots of info on 4.2 modding. (Note that I did not use it for modding my own wii, as mine was to high of a system menu.)

If you can't make sense of any of that (God knows I couldn't), try asking a question in one of the specialist wii hacking sites.
junits15 (author)  nickodemus7 years ago
I actually got it, there is a special bannerbomb for 4.2u, it can even be launched from the sd menu, but i cant get the stubbed ios 249 to delete, i need to delete that to install cios, and for some reason mios hates me too
use truncha bug restorer
junits15 (author)  matstermind7 years ago
I already did still do dice, I've given up on wii softmods. All i wanted it for was playing backups, and I decided to get a solderless drive key modchip. It works great
It's beyond my knowledge, sorry :(

Like I said, try posting it in a specialist forum that deals with wii modding.
junits15 (author)  nickodemus7 years ago
ok thanks anyway