How do I trace a 2D shape in SketchUp?

It seems that the only people who make 3D models of 2D plans don't use SketchUp, but I have to use it for this project. I'm trying to trace the plans for my Sig Tiger in Sketchup, but it only lets me make 3D shapes. Is there some trick that I'm missing?

Picture of How do I trace a 2D shape in SketchUp?
djsc8 years ago
drop the image in and trace, watch for the colour of the axis your linework is 'snapping' to and for the colour of the cursor- it should be very easy to keep the linework in the plane of the image thus creating a 2d shape. Sketchup does not have separate workspaces for 2d and 3d work the way autocad does, so you will always be able to orbit around the work you are drawing even if it is all in one plane i.e. two dimensional. I am not sure that i understand your question, please reply and i will try to help more.
djsc djsc8 years ago
I just had sketchup open to consider your problem- I don't get it, it is impossible to create a 3d object without first creating a flat surface.
CameronSS (author)  djsc8 years ago
I figured it out, I needed to add it as an image, not as a matched photo. Thanks for the help.