How do I transparent touch screen?

I'm looking into a new project. I want to make a touch-pad ( a multitouch one like the ones on macbook pros) except i want to make it transparent. I also want it to be flat ( kind of like the keypad on the LG crystal). If anyone could give me a link with useful advice about how to make this I would really appreciate it.

           THANK YOU!!

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ellwoodjoe5 years ago
i had an idea to use an ipad and a free app that i found that wirelessly connected to a computer then put where the keys are on the actual key board on the digitizer, so it was transparent and multitouch, then keep the connection to the main body and just hide it, but decided it was too expensive :/
astroboy9075 years ago
You might be able to do something with an apple trackpad, but it would be crazy and pretty difficult
canucksgirl5 years ago
Do you want a "touch screen" or a "touch pad". They are 2 different things.

The "multitouch" on MacBook Pro's is a trackpad (ie "mouse"). It does not have a touch screen.

The LG Crystal has a translucent keypad, and a touch screen...
Tochi97 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
I want a translucent touch pad. I originally wanted to make a transparent touch keyboard like the one in the picture. I figured out how I'm going to make it touch capable (using the FTIR system) but now I'm confused about how I can make the keyboard work with the computer.
Sounds like a fairly advanced project, although it would be nice to see it done (along with the Instructable). That being said, it's beyond my skills. I work mainly with software not hardware.

You should post as much info as you can here about where you are at, and the specific problems you are having as that will expedite the help you are going to receive. There are many people here with the knowledge to help you, and are more apt to offer you assistance if they feel you've done some homework.
rickharris5 years ago
not easy for DIY your going to need some programming skills - do you have them?
Jayefuu5 years ago
You need a touch screen and a touchscreen driver.

What size do you want?