How do I turn a green gas mask into a brown one?

 I have a gas mask that I have been wanting to mod a little, and I need it to be brown.  

Problem is, it is made of green rubber, and I'm not sure how to make it look leathery brown.  I'm not sure if I should paint it, or what type of paint works, etc.etc.etc.

So, does anyone have any experience, or knows how to change the color of rubber?

BTW, picture is of me, wearing said gas mask.

Picture of How do I turn a green gas mask into a brown one?
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frollard8 years ago
It's rubber and you need to dye it with an ink that will penetrate the surface:  (first google result for 'rubber dye')
Doctor What (author)  frollard8 years ago
 Thank you!  The term "dye" never came to me.  Just what I was looking for!
since rubber would repel most anything - it has to be a dye or a stain to colour it :D

I hope it works for you - if it does, make an instructable!
mikeasaurus8 years ago

If you are able to strip the mask to just the rubber membrane you may have some success staining it by emersing it in some kind of solution. For instance, ever left a wet teabag on fabric? Once dry it's stained a light brown. Though the mask is designed not to be porus (which would allow air ingress) you may have some luck by staining it with something liek this. You may need to rough the outside of the mask with a fine-grit sandpaper first.
I'm no expert, just a thought.

Not sure any paint would work as your material is rubber. Rubber stretches, paint doesn't.

Re-design8 years ago
Automotive paint used to paint the plastic parts like bumpers that may be bent.  It has a plasticiser that makes it somewhat flexable.  YOu might be able to find spray cans at the auto store.
Two ideas. I've not tried either of these on a gas mask, but I think the odds are good that either will work. You might want to do a patch test, just to be safe.
1) Shoe paint - made by Meltonian for the purpose of painting leather shoes without flaking of cracking unduly. Available from some shoe repair shops or online in a huge variety of colors.
2) Floral paint - Available at craft shops, used for painting flowers (duh), but also works very well on vinyl shoes. Used widely by cosplayers to get shoes to be the right color for their costumes. See also vinyl upholstery paint, available at auto parts stores in a different color palette, but pretty much the same stuff.