How do I turn an ex into a friend?

I dated a guy for about six months.We had a really good time but things started getting complicated. I was friends with my ex-boyfriend and he didn't like that we still talked even though I assured him we're only friends. One night we got into a fight and I got upset and ran into my ex by accident. My ex wanted to know what happened and then they started fight. My boyfriend said he was sorry but I broke up with him. He moved away and three months later I start dating someone else. Well he came back and wants to get back together. He won't staop calling and I want to friends but how do I get him to understand I want him as only a friend.

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Wolf Seril8 years ago
Generally you don't want friends who don't like each other. If you are friends with your old ex, and he fights with your new ex, they probably aren't going to do well when you all get together. If he's harrassing you, don't try to be gentle. He will either get pissed and never talk to you again, in which case you don't want him as a friend, or he will realize he was being stupid and apologize, in which case everything will work out. You can be friends with your exes, but not if he still wants to get back with you. Trust me, I've been there.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. It won't work with most men. It certainly won't work with a jealous man.
janmcevoy8 years ago
Been trying to do the same thing with my ex-husband! Doesn't work though - any contact seems to make him believe he has a chance - even though I keep telling him I just want to be friends. If you work it out, let me know as there ARE things I still like about him even though I couldn't live with him!
lemonie8 years ago
You don't really "want him only as a friend" - you either don't want him to be harsh by telling him to leave you the-hell alone, or you don't want to say goodbye and forget the things you like(d) about him. You're aiming at a compromise which will surely be more hassle than it's worth. L
frollard8 years ago
You're seeing someone - it will never be comfortable with him. I can't stand being around my exes.