How do I turn tap lights into blinking led lights?

Please help! I found a Youtube video of a deadmau5 head with led lights from rave gloves moded to regular tap lights. Only the user who made the head doesn't tell you how he did it. Does anyone know how it's done? Thanks for you help. Here is the link:

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orksecurity6 years ago
Uhm... I'm not sure what question you're asking.

There are two separate lighting systems there. One is the "eyes", which are the "tap lights" -- just a push-on/push-off switch controlling a light. The other is the outlines, which appear to electroluminescent wire controlled by some form of blinker or color-organ circuit.
Rindo (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
there are blinking lights inside the tap lights which he turns on by reaching into the helmet and pressing a switch. sshuggi's suggestion has made me realized that it's not as complicated as i thought.
sshuggi6 years ago
I have a pretty decent idea of how it could be done. If you want to make it, you would need to know a bit about circuitry. Do the words opamps and 555 timers mean anything to you? Because, I'm feeling that's how it's done.
Rindo (author)  sshuggi6 years ago
I have little to no experience with circuits. But I really want to learn. This is what the user said about the lights.

"I took the LED lights out of a cheap pair of rave gloves and fed them through the back of the tap light eyes, while leaving the on/off button on the outside back of them so I can reach in and turn them on by hand"

However he doesn't go into to detail about how that's done, and that's where the devil lies. If you're a complete dummy about wiring and circuitry, like me, you won't know where to begin.
sshuggi Rindo6 years ago
Ahh, he really didn't "make" anything new. He just got some other product with flashing lights and adapted them to the helmet. To answer your question about the tap lights. You only need to do a quick rewiring. I attached a picture of the basic outline of how it's done. All you would have to do is frost the inside of the tap light with a quick spurt of white spray paint, rewire the lights with the tap light switch, and then put the LED's inside the light.
Tap Light.jpg
Rindo (author)  sshuggi6 years ago
wow, thanks so much! i'm gonna try this out soon as my LED lights come in.
sshuggi Rindo6 years ago
No problem, if your lights and stuff aren't as simple as I made them out to be, you can just send me a message and we can work it out.
yokozuna6 years ago
I can't watch your link, but I'm guessing it's almost as simple as LED throwies, but modified so that the circuit only completes when weight is applied.