How do I unsubscribe to the site?

I wanted to view an instruction and got a message that I needed to sign up and I did? I went back the the instruction I wanted to see and got a message that I needed to pay? No thanks.

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lemonie8 years ago
Just leave it alone. What was it you wanted to see (link)? L
ditheprincess (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I was looking for instructions for making a composter from a food grade plasic barrell. I have since found it elsewhere.
Oh good. I'd leave the account dormant, you might want it again one day. L
sometimes when you subscribe to a site, you have to enter your email adress, therefore go to your email address and then click unsubscribe with every messages they sent to you..thats why whenever you sign up they ask for email because you have to its better to unsubscribe from your email.! Hope this Helps
Thanks for answering. I went to the e-mail the robot sent when I signed up. It only give one option, which is to log-in. Seems rather odd...
anytime, if you need any help, i may try to answer....