How do I use a " wait until " command in the arduino language?

I am trying to make quizbowl buzzers with the arduino.  I have gotten it to work with the nxt, but I want to use the arduino approach, because it is a waste to use the nxt for buzzers when I could be making robots with it... I haven't done much with arduino, in fact I have only looked at a few tutorials and downloaded the software.  But I need to know how to use a "wait until" command so that when a button is pressed a light lights up that on the control box containing the arduino (that corresponds with the button, or buzzer) that was pressed, and the light stays on (waits until) a clear button is pressed. 

I'm sorry if the wording is confusing.

I don't need a whole program, just the command, how to use it, and maybe a rough skeleton of the program

seandogue4 years ago
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JaredsProjects (author)  seandogue4 years ago
Thank you,  but what is the extra = sign for in-between the x and the 0?
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JaredsProjects (author)  seandogue4 years ago
I got my arduino in the mail and now I am trying to use buttons and leds to do specific things, but in your example where it shows "x=digitalRead(some pin)" should there be two equal signs so that it doesn't set "x" to the digitalRead...?, and if you could explain why that works it would be a huge help, because for me to learn I have to know how it works.

Thank you in advance!

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