How do I use my TV as a laptop monitor?

I bought an S-video cable, because my laptop has an S-video out plug (with a little icon of a TV and then an arrow out, seemed reasonable), and connected that to my TV's S-video-in port. However: my computer's plug has 7 pin holes. The TV has 4pin holes. The cable also has 4. Google has been incredibly unhelpful. Any ideas?

p0tty8 years ago
my laptop has HDMI, but thats the new standard so if you have an older laptop you have either s-video or vga output
p0tty p0tty8 years ago
plug in the s-video to you tv's s-video and see if it works
fwjs288 years ago
!!!! i think ive found end is the in cable and the other is the out here a picture
fwjs288 years ago you have an hdmi or component cable or VGA?.....have you tried plugging it in?