How do I wire this AC motor to a UK plug?

When wiring this 220V, 60rpm AC motor to the mains, it turns perfectly with the live and neutral wires connected to terminals 1 and 2 and with the earth wire disconnected from terminal 3, however it does not turn when the earth wire is connected to terminal 3. How do I resolve this when wiring it to UK mains?

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steveastrouk10 months ago

It should still have an earth connection, put it on one of the mounting screws when you assemble it with a crimp on ring terminall

iceng steveastrouk10 months ago


Ditto, while I would think the 4 mounting mounting holes would mate with the assumed metal frame to provide that earth protective ground...

A frame, that links the low RPM + Torque reaction, with a [ stop, start or reversing switch ] that supplies the safety ground at the point power wires enter the machine.

Steve you would know. Are the UK tools, lathes and heavy machines double_insulated or how does England provide a safety ground to a two wire outlet ?

rickharris iceng10 months ago

We don't have 2 wire outlets in the UK any more. All wall sockets have to have an earth. Even lighting circuits will be twin and earth cable with the frame/pattress box of the switches or sockets earthed,

Although many hand tools are double insulated all metal bodied tools like a lathe will have to have the body earthed even though the motor may or may not be double insulated.

In general Steve is right a crimped tag should be inserted between the motor body and the lath mounting to carry an earth connection. I would also clean off the paint there to give a good earth to the motor frame as well.

iceng rickharris10 months ago

Thanks Rick,

I can now throw away those 2 prong travel converters that clutter my shelves.

rickharris iceng10 months ago

They fit other parts of the world!.

CassiaD (author)  rickharris10 months ago

Thank you everyone. This has solved my problem perfectly.

iceng10 months ago

Looked it up on google image search.

Use 1&2 for clockwise rotation..

Use 2&3 for CCW counter clockwise rotation...

Looks like a capacitor run reversible motor made for a permanent reversible hookup.

Live 1

Neutral 2

Ground body

Reverse direction:

Live 3

Neutral 2

Ground body


iceng iceng10 months ago

And the pictures.

Click on them to see all !

CassiaD (author) 10 months ago

Thank you for your reply. I have since had help solving my question by connecting the earth to motor housing and other wires to terminal 1 (or 3 to reverse direction) and 2.