How do i build a safe smokescreen device that would come out of the back of my car.?

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Dr.Bill8 years ago
Pressureized trichlor and titanium in a tank like the WW2 PT Boats had ! Aaaahhhhhh!
knightjp8 years ago
Autoloc makes such a device.... just go an purchase it. However it is illegal to use it on the road...
110100101108 years ago
catch a koffing there are stage smokers that do exactly that but i dont think they do good enough work fo your needs
Haha. +5 points for the Pokemon reference.
landmanhall8 years ago
I saw an article suggesting using a brass nozzle brazed into the exhaust, hooked to a hose then to a hand sprayer under the dash filled with castor oil. Supposedly it makes thick clouds of dark brown or black smoke. Good for laughs but cowardly if used for illicit puposes.
Spray oil into the exhaust manifold. That is how tanks do it from what I understand. But I agree that it is probably very illegal, might as well add revolving license plates and an oil slick.
Kiteman8 years ago
Define "safe". If the smoke is thick enough to obscure vision - yours, or that of other cars - then it's probably illegal, or at least dubious enough to get you pulled over.