How do i design a circuit for a wireless datalink with a temperature sensor?

using a regulator and a 433Mhz High sensitivity transmitter/ reciever ,

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seandogue8 years ago
The question is a bit lacking in details on the transceiver and the temperature sensor, so a detailed response is difficult. If the temp sensor is an analog output device, the first thing you'll need is signal conditioning at or nearby the sensor, to optimize its range and convert its output to a usable value by the transmitter. Of course, the specific circuit is dependent on the type of sensor, and the transmitter. I really can't say much more than that based on your post. The bare minimum details needed are the input interface for the transmitter, including range and format, and the sensor type and output characteristics.
BTW, by input range for the transmitter, I mean electrical characteristics, voltage range, input baudrate, etc. as applicable for the transmitter, not RF transmission distance
lollol1118 years ago
Why are u asking a question like dis what do u need it 4 cuz im a whizooo at dis sorta stuff i can help
You should have taken some English lessons so you could be a whiz at that also.
One option would be to use an Arduino along with XBee modules.

See here for some links to get you started:

Depending on what else you want to do, that may not be the cheapest solution though.
if he's already got the radio module - a pair of arduinos (or boarduino, etc - all the barebones options) would be quite cheap. at op: What temp module? does it output digital, i2c, analog? what radio?