How do i download Youtube videos FREE, FAST and WITH NO CATCHES?

Ugh, I spent the last half hour downloading softwares to download youtube videos to itunes, and none worked or I wasn't a administrator. The thing that used to be there on youtube to download videos isn't, and I'm stuck at a crossroad.

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Hiyadudez8 years ago

If you have RealPlayer then do not use any of the below suggestions. If you  dont have RealPlayer, dont read any further.

When you watch a video on youtube, right click the video, and click: Dowload to RealPlayer. Once you've pressed that, a window will appear showing the progress of the video downloading.

Once it is complete, the video should be located in:

My Documents > My Videos > RealPlayer Downloads > Yours video will be in this folder.

Hope this helps!

NYPA (author)  Hiyadudez8 years ago
When i right click the video, there is no download to RealPlayer, but i have.
Hiyadudez NYPA8 years ago
PS- Subscribed!
Hiyadudez NYPA8 years ago
Thanks for best answer!
Woah! If I do have RealPlayer I'm not supposed to use any of the suggestions, and if I don't i'm not supposed to read any further?
Lol... Do you actually have RealPlayer?
JoK21 year ago

I would recommend using Zamzar, this site provides free download service for you to get videos via URL. There's no need to subscribe, input catches or install. Zamzar gives clear procedure to download stuffs within 4 steps, so it's also easy to control with. You may also check into more tips about downloading videos on YouTube.

Hey try this go to then copy the url, finally choose ur format and click start it doesn't always work, just go back and try it ltr.
novakfor38 years ago
If you have RealPlayer, then that should make your life a lot easier.

If you have the program, which most computers do, then on the top-right of the Youtube video you are watching should be a text saying something like Download on RealPlayer.

Hope this helps!
NYPA (author)  novakfor38 years ago
If you have Firefox, then I would suggest the Easy Youtube Video Downloader.  You can download any video on Youtube in 3gp, flv, or mp4, and it puts the options right under the description of the video :)
Re-design8 years ago works great on youtube with out any extension/addons/etc.
static8 years ago
 Until I figure out why Firefox and my system decided not to work together I'm using chrome and msie. Real player capture most videos using those browsers, and I recall it works with fire fox as well. But I disable real player's capture function while usibf firefox, because a  like the firefox extension I was using, but I can't recall what one it was. Real player saves the file as a flv. there are free flv players, and real players plays them back as well. There are free online file coverters that convert the file to another format.
r00tdemon8 years ago
With firefox and download helper extension.
download helper extension:

it will save the video as a .flv file. you itunes or wmp won't play this format use