How do i fix a huge hole in my wall? ?

My dogs like to sit next to the window and gnaw at the wall. The chewed in this huge hole, I don't know how they did it. How do i fix it? I don't know ANYTHING about home repair. **Here are some pictures of the damage** It's crazy, but kinda funny too.

Picture of How do i fix a huge hole in my wall? ?
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Bigev7 years ago
Go to the root of the problem: why are the dogs chewing on the wall? If you fix it, what's to stop them from chewing another hole?
Mrs BB (author)  Bigev7 years ago
wow. thanx guy.
firehazrd7 years ago
First tape and bed then matching the existing texture is the next step. Its probably either knock down or crows foot. If its crows foot buy a crow foot brush for $8 and slap it in the mud, then on the wall. If its knock down use an old broom dipped in mud and flick little specks at the wall after the consistancy looks right use an old mini blind blade or even a piece of cardboard with rounded edges to lightly flatten the mounds. Tada just like new
mathews7 years ago
If there is a hole, its probably plasterboard (and hopefully not brick if the dog has chewed through it!) You can fix it temporarily with expanding foam. For a long term fix, you may want to get a L shaped long sheet of metal, and paint it to cover it up.
lemonie7 years ago
What is the wall made of? L