How do i fix an RC Helicopter's remote?

I have an RC Helicopter, but the remote doesn't work. The remote doesn't switch on.. I have attached images of both sides of the PCB.. could anyone please help me? If not, how can i make a remote control? It is a 40MHz rc.

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IoanL31 year ago
It looks like my remote is similar and unfortunately it works in the same way. That means not working.
Anyone found what is broken?
expertman2 years ago

hey i have the same heli as well as the same problem as yours

so i think it is manufacturing problem

when i switch the remote on... the bulb keeps on bleeping{ it says there is lack of power( in instructions )}. how can i fix this please...????1!!!!

although i fit 6 Duracell 1.5 v in it ... What should i do????

I also have some problem in this remote
when I switch it on my helicopter starts flying on its own there is no way to stop the helicopter other to switch the remote off
only I can control tail rotor and lights
lemonie7 years ago
How did it stop working?

superaktieboy (author)  lemonie7 years ago
It never actually did work, but because i bought it in Iraq, i would have had to take it back there to get a refund or something.. which wasn't an option..

Oh bugger.


(out of ideas for something that never worked)
seandogue7 years ago
Presumably  "not working" means something like "the led is not glowing"

Did you build this or is it something you removed from a commercial product? It is suspiciously emptier than it could be...many "missing" components, although it doesn't necessarily mean much, since component counts can be modified by performance of circuits or differences in models.

If you built it, check to ensure that all your components were properly installed
Also, check each solder connection to ensure that there are no "cold junction" solder junctions.

In either case:

1) Is voltage reaching the board?

test for voltage at the points where the two feed wires attach to the PCB.

NO?>broken wire or bad battery/batteryholder

YES?> continue

2) trace the circuit from the red wire to the switch.

With the switch set to the ON positions, is there voltage between the point on the PCB where black wire connects to the PCB ( COM) and the circuit just "downstream" of the switch?

NO?> bad switch

YES?>  Insufficient data to continue debug. Aborted