How do i get Google earth live?

I see people on Youtube and such that have videos of Google video that are right the moment they are showing. How do i do that? if there is a way i will need a link.

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Those are faked via creative editing, Google does not provide services like that. You'll have to be pretty high up in a government agency before you'll have access to something that will provide live satellite video.
It's only a few tens of millions of dollars to put your own satellite up there - wouldn't be infeasible to make your own :D
frollard8 years ago
There are plenty of live webcams available on the net - and you can watch street views of lots of major cities beware googling 'webcam' however because you'll likely come up with a lot of porn.
NYPA (author) 8 years ago
so the people i saw were fakes?
frollard NYPA8 years ago
thoroughly fakes.
lemonie8 years ago
The only real-time video you will see is via web-cams (you can search for 'em). Like Weissensteinburg says, Google don't have any web-cams, and if they did you'd be able to find them through Google.