How do i get a small piece of dirt through a small hole in a hollow space?

I'v got a hollow driver, (golf club) and it has a small hole about an 8th of an wide in the bottom.  To my dismay i found out that some small hard piece of dirt found its way in there, any suggestions as to how i can get it out?

karnuvap6 years ago
I guess the annoying thing is the rattling noise it makes. If none of the above ideas work for you, why not mix up some epoxy glue and feed it into the hole so that it grabs the little bit of dirt and sticks it firm (once the glue has set)?
frollard6 years ago
Pull the handgrip off. It will come right out.

Note: The handgrip is usually 'permanently' installed with a form of glue/cohesion, so this will destroy the handgrip - the proshop can put a new one on for cheap.
Re-design6 years ago
Position the dirt over the hole and use a piece of stiff wire to break it up or pull it out.
ChrysN6 years ago
Maybe you can add water so that the dirt might break down and then pour it out.