How do i get more than 2 players on a ps2 slim?

Well, as you may know, the ps2 slim has only two slots for controllers, and i want to know how you get more than just two. Do any of you people know?


Picture of How do i get more than 2 players on a ps2 slim?
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frollard8 years ago
Play a game that allows you to share the controller for party-style gaming?

other than that, its down to multitap.
Seleziona (author)  frollard8 years ago
yeah, i think i will get multitap. Thanks anyways!
That said there's only a handful of games that actually use more than 2 players for ps2...
Seleziona (author)  frollard8 years ago
yeah, and i have a couple of them :)
daboys5 years ago

i had one and you have to make sure its the right model because the slim has a slightly different sized port (i made that mistake myself)
Certain games allow you to share conntrolers. The only game I have like that is Rayman, or you can by a multitap.
Seleziona (author)  DontShoot2627 years ago
Yeah, okay.
grundisimo8 years ago
If you live in the u.s. you can purchase a device that you plug into the controller port and it allows you to plug 4 controllers in.
Seleziona (author)  grundisimo8 years ago
it's called multitap, right?
Or just use ebay.
purduecer8 years ago
Seleziona (author)  purduecer8 years ago