How do i jailbreak my ipodtouch 2g without using the computer itunes is installed on?

thats about it

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Works on iPods, iPhones, iPads (I'm sure...) all g's
If you have iOS 4.0.1 or lower you can go to and follow the on screen bad I have iOS 4.2.1 :( doesn't work.
poozy1018 years ago
Two good sources for an easy jailbreak
gmxx8 years ago
You will need a computer. If you have access to a mac or windows, you can use quickpwn. (this jailbreaks everything i one swoop) If you have a a mac, pwnage tool, will create a custom firmware that you restore using itunes. If you have an ipod, you should have itunes... considering it's "almost" required.
samskinburg (author)  gmxx8 years ago
look at the previous reply
you could install itunes and the quickpwn tool on a flash drive and run it... not sure if library or school will block it. couldnt you do this at a friends house.. (im sure you though of that)
dilandou8 years ago
Short answer: You can't. The exploit was fixed at around firmware 1.1.1 or so. Any reason why you can't install itunes temporarily on an available computer to do it?
samskinburg (author)  dilandou8 years ago
school-blocked library-blocked home-crashed