How do i load transparency sheets to a printer?

My transparentcy sheet is attached to a white sheet. Do i remove the white sheet? If not, which way do i install it white sheet facing up or down?

lemonie8 years ago
Do read the instructions on the box, note whether they are/are not suitable for your printer, then go with Re-design

Re-design8 years ago
Also the white sheets are called a carrier. They are there to provide extra stiffness to the sheets so they will go thru the print okay.
Re-design8 years ago
And it depends on your printer whether you load them face up or face down. Do this load one sheet of plain paper, put a pencil mark on the up face of the paper. Print something on that sheet. Did the pencil mark come out on the face of the print if so then you load the sheets face up to print. If the mark came out on the back of the print then you load the sheets face down to print. Or you could just check in the manual about which way to put the sheets.
XOIIO8 years ago
There will be a side that is rough. If the side thats uncovered is smooth, then take off the white paper, and that should be rough. The rough side should face up.