How do i make a cool piece of jewelry out of two bullet casings?

It's for my sisters boyfriend and it was their first 2 bullets they shot together.She sort of wants a ring.They are also small so nothing too big.She was thinking i hammer them flat and make a ring by bending and sodering.

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tech dawg5 years ago
I dont know about a ring but you could cut the end off of both put a little jewel in the middle and the epoxy or solder something to hold it on to here ears and make earings.
caarntedd5 years ago
You ask Mrballeng.
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iceng5 years ago
Get a iron ring and silver solder the casing
or buy this one for $15...  .  .  .  A
Ooooh. Very unique and pretty. ;)

Shall I send you my address. ;)