How do i make a hybrid rocket engine?

I know how a hybrid rocket works,but I don't know what to make the combustion chamber out of.Any ideas?

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science kid (author) 5 years ago
I've made one now thanks guys.
science kid (author) 5 years ago
I want to use oxygen as the oxidiser and polyethlyene as the fuel.
Have you got a supply of liquid oxygen?

If not, I'd start off on solid-fuel rockets. There are quite a few simple, reasonably safe mixtures you can start with.  If you can get it, I'd start with zinc and sulphur ballpoint rockets, because they are very cheap, and yu can make the entire system yourself (full instructions here).
I thought that amateur hybrids used NO2, not LOX ?
The author said he wants to use oxygen.

If he's a beginner at rocketry, though, I think he ought to stick with solid fuel for a while, even if it's fuel he makes himself.
Well, he IS on solid fuel....

...solid fuel with combined solid oxidiser :-P
He he.

You coming to the Derby Maker Faire thing ?
Yes - what started as a day trip out for me has turned into a weekend away for the whole tribe...
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iceng5 years ago
Hammer compressed Kitty-Litter works better then....
You know, have a look at this ible it tells it better :-)