How do i make an oil burner?

I would like to make a waste oil burner. Yes, i know the hazards of the fumes given off so and so but i have a respirator. Can anyone make me a step by step instruction on how to make an oil burner capable of melting aluminum,silver,and tin. And possibily iron?

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z4c_th3_p4c5 years ago
This site also has a lot of information on building a waste oil burner,
Waste Oil Burner
If you want to do a quality job read all of this.

Also, who told you you need a respirator? If you build a waste oil burner that doesn't completely suck you can't even smell anything.

If you want a step-by-step wait a couple months, I'm trying to build an oil-burner that's simple enough to easily replicate.

I think the guy at the above adress did a good enough job though.
Did you ever get a chance to do the step by step instructions?
Also, what are you melting metals for? If you only need a small amount of metal (not iron) you could probably do it with a charcoal foundry.
hey your instructable inspired me ive made an awesome propane foundry simmilar to yours and ive use it for well over 30 melts! i sure do hope i get a camera so i can make an instructable
jtobako8 years ago
Given the different volumes you are likely to be trying to melt (aluminum v silver) I think you are going to want more than one so you can control the amount of heat better. A huge burner is going to be difficult to control with the small amount of silver, difficult to get to iron temps, and difficult to keep down to tin temps.
trf (author)  jtobako8 years ago
to be honest if i can only do 1 thing thats fine...i really want it to be either iron or alluminum
jtobako trf8 years ago
Iron needs very high temp refractory linings, crucibles and molds. Aluminum is much easier. Go to for both.
lemonie8 years ago
Here's one I found by searching of "waste oil furnace"