How do i make my breaks stop squeaking?

im replacing them with my next pay check, i cant stand the noise. any help?

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littlebastard (author) 8 years ago
to all the answers telling me to replace, as i said, with my next pay check, i plan on it, but for right now, i dont have enough money. i heard there was a way to re move the metal sensor thing, but i dont know how
acidbass8 years ago
what kind of car do you have
littlebastard (author)  acidbass8 years ago
A 1994 buick park avenue
okay you need to replace them most likely I work on Buicks all the time and that usually means replacing time
bubbaman228 years ago
Sean_Voodoo8 years ago
you should bring it to the closest repair shop
Re-design8 years ago
That squeaking you are hearing may be a warning that it is TIME to replace them.  THere is a wear indicator built into most disk brakes.