How do i make use of the output of a PIR sensor to toggle a switch?

Currently I had build a board according to this schematic, . I was told that a edge triggering monostable 555 timer will allow me to have a stable high/low signal. Problem is how do i make use of the output to generate the switch from the edge triggering 555 timer?

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Instead of 555 go for RS toggle circuit using CD 4013. That will give you better performance.
Acronymm (author)  iknowvations5 years ago
Thank you for replying, but i've tried the comparator method since I'm running out of time.
Ok. That is good. But whenever you get time, try CD 4013. It is very robust IC.
You really need a comparator, not an edge trigger to clean up the input first.

Acronymm (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Thanks for your reply! I've tried adding a comparator and it works.
Glad it helped. Please mark my answer as "best Answer" - it means others will be able to search for the question.