How do i search with instructables?

How do i search the instructables site for an item i am looking for?

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LoneWolf7 years ago
Also, use some key words to find what your looking for ... don't type in a whole sentence into the search box. Like if your trying to find an instructable on making homemade coffee, you wouldn't type in "How to Make My Very Own Completely Totally Homemade Coffee" ... you would just type in two words: "Homemade Coffee"
paulcilia (author)  LoneWolf7 years ago

Dear LoneWolf,

Thanks for your reply first of all.
The problem to search still remains.
I get redirected to submit an instructable.
Also it seens that the web page is comming up wrong, so i have
attached a print screen.

The Graphical search works for me, but not Search or Google Search.

Paul Cilia

Oh ok, thats weird. You might want to post a forum topic in "Help;Bugs" .... if you post a forum topic their your much more likely to get a response and one of the admins will probably be able to fix the bug for you.
paulcilia (author)  paulcilia7 years ago
Hi Again..

The Instructable Web page is also appearing
with text over lapping. picture attached...
Maybe this will help web disigners .

Paul Cilia
In the grey band, directly above this answer is a box that says "Google custom search" try that, and also try the "graphical search" option which will appear next.

paulcilia (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Dear steveastrouk,

As you may see above in response to LoneWolf,
Here is where i am so far.


Try things like refreshing the page by holding control down when you click refresh.

If that feels, delete all the site cookies and try again. They've messed around with the site so much, something may be broken.

Graphical search?  Where?  When?

.  The link appears at the top of the Google search results. Do your search using the new Google Search and then click the Graphical Search link that shows up next to the Search button.
Oh!  Thanks!