How do i see my followers list?

Hi, so recently it seems that instructables has updated and im still trying to work out how to use it with the updates... The main problem im facing is trying to view a list of my followers, as its a policy of mine to go through and thank each one individually...  I remember i used to be able to access my 'followers' page through my  profile, this no longer seems possible, any help would be greatly appreciated  :-)

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Every time someone follows you you get an Email with a link to the new followers profile page, and another link to all your followers, book mark the link to all your followers.

Also if you bookmarked the old welcome page there is a link under your profile pic.

Great to learn new ways.

Thanks Josehf...

Did you bookmark your old welcome page?

To my sorrow I never did...

I did, I find it easier to follow comments.

Do you mean How would that help?

Or the overview?

The link in your Email should Look something like this:

I see only 120 followers. Do you have an option for clicking next? I don't.

I have about 1500 and all it shows is 120 of mine also.

Cool that link sends me to my followers.