How do i take screen shots on my computer?

i want to know to take screen shots on my computer. I want to know how to take screen shots because i am going to make future instructable which will require this. I am hitting print screen and nothing happens. what do i do now?

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Kryptonite8 years ago
There's numerous ways, pressing Print Scrn key directly above the insert key which is directly above the delete key, then go to Paint or your photo editing software of choice and press ctrl+v. This pastes a bitmap of your entire screen into Paint / photo editing software of choice. Next is pressing Alt+Print Scrn, then pasting as above, which is just a picture of the current window that is open. Hope that clears things up, just ask for clarification.
EncasedDeath (author) 8 years ago
I am hitting print screen botton and nothing is happening. What do i do now?
print screen captures the screen to the CLIPBOARD - the place where copy/paste lives.

Simply go to your favourite program and paste the image - ms paint works - but save as png not jpg, or you'll lose a lot of detail.

Tip: ALT+PrtScr = capture the topmost window only.
EncasedDeath (author)  frollard8 years ago
Thanks, i will try this very soon.
led2358 years ago
Print screen key...

command + shift + 3 = full screen shot
command + shift + 4 = click and drag for screen shot selection
command + shift + 4 + spacebar = window shot
Are you talking about using your monitor as a film recorder? I once put fractals on my monitor and photographed the image with a film camera. Thus I had film negatives of a digital image. They looked great. ~Bob~
V-Man7378 years ago
The simplest way is to hit the "Print Scrn" button on your keyboard. It's usually above the home/page up/insert key group. This will save, as a bitmap image on the clipboard, your current screen's appearance. You can paste it in Paint (if using Windoze) and save it.
EncasedDeath (author)  V-Man7378 years ago
can u choose where to save it at?
Yes, it will default to 'my documents' but you can choose any folder. Willard
Willard2.08 years ago
To take screen shots simply hit the 'prt Scrn' button and paste the image into paint. If you want to just screen shot the active window, then press 'alt + Prt Scrn'. The button looks like this picture. Pic uploader wasn't working so had to use a link.

Re-design8 years ago
There are several good examples of this to the right under the block marked related.