How do i tell my parents im emo?

I want to know how i should tell them in the way thay don't kill me but how do i tell them i lied about cuting my wrist to them before and they found a poket knife in my poket and im not sure what whould happen

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im an emo and im a secret emo. i do worse things to myself so yes dont tell her, she will tell the school. i just stay in lifes pain that kills me bad but yeah i hate ma mama i have no dad any more so just do that. i slit every part of my body. i also ran in front of a car, hung myself but yeah never died.
Screamo7 years ago
People who cut their wrists are just seeking negative attention, if you truly want to hurt yourself emo's usually cut the bad of their leg O.O
ur fuked up dnt hate appreciate
NOODLE! Screamo6 years ago
not helpful!?
iiGoRawr6 years ago
Well thats a hard question to answer. IM emo so i feel ya. When my mum found out she was mad as hell. And she is a christian... yeah didn't end nice. But when i just flat out told her. I said that it what i am. And it okay if she hates it. And it fine if she think that im horrible kid, but i wont change. Emo is a style i think iv'e been emo my whole life. I wouldn't say it lifestyle but it is a style i lot of ppl like it. So don't feel bad about what your parents think. Bcz its your life. Cutting is part of it. Not everyone cuts, i do once and a while. Come on dude don't feel bad. good luck i guess. DFTBA
Ethan B7 years ago
You should definately tell them. (Spell check =O). People who are emo usually have something troubling them in their lives and it's great to talk to people about it. I knew a girl who had troubles and told no one and hung herself in the closet.
acidbass7 years ago
 i used to be EMO and i told my parents and they were cool with it but mind you I was not a cutter i say tell your parents but make sure you tell them you are not a cutter(unless you are) and i bet you they will be okay with it but i also suggest instead of being traditional emo like I was be more of an abstract emo like i AM i started a band i play bass guitar but i still am emo i am just productive
islaw rocks8 years ago
i agree with burf
RJ1233455 (author) 8 years ago
i don't cut any more i confenced people that emos dont cut.
shann.rox8 years ago
You should definitely tell your parents. Apart from anything else they have a right to know and they probably won't be angry at you. Cutting is something completely different from being an emo and they may be worried but you probably don't have to be worried that they will be angry.
You're not emo, you're a cutter.  I find the two things very distinct.

Cutting is not healthy, physically nor emotionally.  I know this as close family members dealt with this issue.  How to confront your parents about it will be entirely different depending on how they are in general.  As our household was run by bible-thumpers, this was nigh impossible.  The relatives in question pretty much had to see a shrink and get them to mediate a conversation about this (and other) issues.  If your parents are less extreme, then perhaps talking directly to them will work.  It's really your call since you know them better than I.

However, telling them you're "emo" is meaningless to them.  They don't know what that is, they won't understand it, and they will definitely get the wrong idea by Googling it.  And let's face it, labeling yourself "emo" is meaningless anyhow - after all, it doesn't really explain any of the things you're thinking of feeling.  It's a musical genre.

If you really want to talk to your parents, then you need to remember that communication is all about both parties clearly understanding what is being said.  I know that sounds obvious, but that concept is lost on about 95% of people I encounter.

You need to sit down and carefully think of what it is you truly want to tell them.  Put each thought in terms a three-year-old would understand.  Write it out, and explain it as if you were talking to an alien from planet Zurg that doesn't know what these feelings are like.  Don't be patronizing or condescending - be clear and descriptive.

Start the conversation by letting them know up-front that you need to speak candidly about something.  You need their full attention and support.  What you're about to say is difficult and requires them to listen thoroughly and not pass judgment.  Make sure to tell them that you understand that they are going to have a hard time grasping what you need to tell them, and it may be scary or upsetting for them, but you need them to stay calm and discuss this.

If they can't promise this and follow through, stop immediately, don't make a scene, but go no further.  Instead, find an objective third-party to mediate the conversation.  The most important thing, no matter how hard it may be, is to maintain control.  They may get mad or cry or yell, but if they see that you can keep your cool and that you understand that they are having a hard time with the news, then it won't get out of hand.  They need to see you calm and strong; this will help them take you seriously.

Remember, if they can't put aside their own hang-ups to relate to you on your terms, then you aren't going to be able to talk to them.  However, expect every reaction, and mentally prepare for each one; if you can redirect them to the issue or anticipate what they will say, it will help keep the peace and resolve the issue.

This is a big thing you're talking about here.  I wish you well.  Know that this is a dangerous road you're traveling, and that there are healthier and more constructive ways to deal with your stuff - and those ways will genuinely make you feel better in the long-term.
Z..8 years ago
Burf for best answer.
RJ1233455 (author) 8 years ago

I only cut when im realy depressed

RJ1233455 (author) 8 years ago
emos are not suicidal and not all emos cut them selfs check out
anna rox8 years ago
You dont have to classify yourself as an might just be a stage. You never know. But i agree, you should tell them. Even if you just start with: "i am feeling depressed and i cut myself." you know, do it in stages so it doesnt come in a big rush. But you never know it might just be a short stage of your life. Maybe it coems from people you are with at school. I dont know. But think about if you really are an emo beore you do anything too drastic!
wait wait...
You're emo.
And you DON'T want your parents to kill you.
I'm a bit lost already.
V-Man7378 years ago
Their main concern is probably "why did you decide to cut yourself?" And you'd better have a gosh-darn good reason other than "I'm emo" or "I heard people do that when they're sad."
Using the label "emo" throws you, their little baby, into an ocean of anonymity. Instead, make a list of properties "emo" kids have that you also have, and tell them those characteristics, ending with "people label that as emo."
orksecurity8 years ago
Are you emo (which is a pose), or actually depressed?

If the former, they've probably figured it out.

If the latter, TALK TO THEM. This can be an actual disease, and if so is treatable.
lemonie8 years ago
They haven't noticed then?
(they possibly have but haven't thought of anything to say)

Burf8 years ago
This is nothing to screw around about. Tell your parents immediately, today, now!
If you can't do it face to face, put it in a letter or make a recording, but do it and do it now!
I can hardly believe they would be anything other than concerned about your welfare.
Tell them.