How do i turn a laptop screen into a lcd tv?

Basically i need to convert the power to a 220V plug, and fit a video rca plug for an input. I have 4 broken laptops and wanna try get some use out of the screens. Problem is i know nothing about electronics, just basics. Any idea's?

jeoncs8 years ago
I asked a similar question a while back the basic of the answer is that its too expensive to get or create a controller to make it worth doing. The tech is available and everything but you can literally buy a bigger tv for the same price as the parts to make this one.
Unfortunately, this is pretty hard. I looked into doing this once. The video signal going into the LCD panel is spread over many pins and works very differently than any standard consumer video port. You'd probably need to build or buy an electronic translator for the video signal, and different LCD panels use different electronics, so you'd you probably won't be able to find something that matches your panel pre-made. The electronics that do the conversion are usually part of the laptop mainboard and not possible to separate from the rest of the computer. You'd probably have better luck trying to fix the laptops and using a usb video input device.