How do i unsubscribe to people?

I accidentally subscribed to myself and it was fun for a minute or so, then i went to my page and there was no unsubscribe button!

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gmxx7 years ago

click the x next to any subscription you want to get rid of.
NYPA (author)  gmxx7 years ago
Where's the x?
gmxx NYPA7 years ago
It's there.... its orange, should be on the left next to your name. worst case. do a find in page, and type in x (ctrl + f) on a pc, or (cmd + f) on a mac.
NYPA (author)  gmxx7 years ago
Thanks, i just looked on the wrong side. =D
gmxx NYPA7 years ago
Sure. It would make more sense to me on the right hand side also.
its on the left hand side
lemonie NYPA7 years ago
Look hard, it is there, but in brackets like |x|