How do mosquitoes know where is the entrance of my house located?

Extremely low density of mosquitoes around the walls and windows(netted), but extremely high density near the door, like as if they knew which way the door opens and it is the door and waiting like vampires at dusk to come in suck the blood.

Just tell me how do they know where my most frequently used entrance is. 

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petercd3 years ago

I believe they sense carbon dioxide from your exhaling, so I imagine theres a large volume in the front door area.

You could try to confuse them and use a fan to exhaust the interior air at the netted window.

They do indeed smell the CO2 - You can defeat them with a fan i the room to stir the air up so they don't get a good directional smell - I would take advantage of their clustering to spray them and kill them. OR put up a bottle mosquito trap.

You kill them? That's murder.

MYawar (author) 3 years ago

Neither the wind nor porch-light, because there isn't any....

seandogue3 years ago

It may be as simple as a windbreak. I had a problem with bottle flies being blown up toward my house from one of the restaurants in the commercial district below me. They always collected near my kitchen door, which due to the "notchin" where the door is, providing a nice windbreak for insects. I no longer broom the spider nests from around the door area. My guests can either deal or go elsewhere. The spiders are well fed, but I have few problems with flies anymore. If they enter the region, they're likely food, so they no lnoger congreagate there.

Burf3 years ago

Turn off your porch light, they'll swarm a better lit area elsewhere.

MYawar (author) 3 years ago

This does not seem to be the case, because all the windows are netted and air circulates well in every room, there are curtains against the doors of rooms connected to the corridor which is then connected to the main frequently used entrance, the place is clean and it doesn't seem to be CO2...

So they should line up near windows, instead of the door,

The door is used at a rate of approx. 2 times an hour, but at night (after the sun's down the horizon, we lock the door ).

Do they have memories or something like that!

MYawar (author)  MYawar3 years ago

Oh! I saw a few on the netted windows as well, but along less used rooms