How do the admins choose whether or not to feature an instructable??

So today, I was just wondering around Instructables. I clicked on an instructable. I looked at the ratings and stuff. Views: 43 Rating: 0.00 (no one has rated) FEATURED How do the admins choose whether or not to feature an Instructable?

Kiteman8 years ago
Rating is not based on ratings or views, as the person that features a project is likely to be one of the first to view it (some of the feature team are on the site far more than they ought to be...). There isn't a specific set of criteria for featuring - if there was, the site would get monotonous. The best way to learn what gets a project featured is to have a look at a load of featured projects. Basically. a project has to be well-written, have good images that are not just googled, and the subject itself has to be original (or an original treatment of a popular subject) or topical. Plus, it has to have that undefinable "Oh!" factor that makes a project stand out so that one of the Feature team decides it deserves a wider audience.
kelseymh8 years ago
Kiteman has already given the best answer. In addition, we should note that the Feature Team includes people with diverse interests, so what one person chooses to Feature might be quite different from one someone else would choose. That is one way that the Featured I'bles represent the full diversity of the site.
Flumpkins (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Oh, okay.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. As Kiteman pointed out, there is no checklist for when to Feature an iBle. In addition to the factors he listed, Featurers will look for iBles that someone with little knowledge of the subject could follow to completion.
. For most Featurers, an iBle must be detailed and complete to be Featured.
. Lots of good pics/vids/drawings is a good thing.
. Informal/friendly and humorous iBles seem to get featured more often than those that are not. If you have a stilted writing style, collaborate! Compare my solo Tweak XP iBle vs. the Harassment and Text Formatting iBles that I collaborated on. I know that my writing is not much fun to read, so I got other ppl to handle most of it.
. Some things that will insure an iBle is NOT Featured:
  • Poor grammar/spelling/syntax/&c. Most of the members of the Feature team insist on at least a modicum of proper English. Non-English speakers are usually given some leeway if what they write is understandable. If it can't be easily understood, it doesn't get featured.
  • Blurry or poorly-lit pictures/videos. Big no-no.
  • Vulgar, abusive, or other inappropriate language or pics. Robot has declared Ibles to be a family-friendly site. That does not mean that any particular subject is taboo, just that you need to take your audience into consideration when documenting your work. Body Casting and Chocolate Molding is a good example of how to present an "adult" subject and still get featured.