How do they do the 4 coin matrix magic trick?

i have watch a vid showing a soin trick called 4 coin matrix magic trick. ive been wondering how do they do that trick?

Madkins0078 years ago
The trick to a good Matrix is the smoothness that you pick the coins up and put them down with, then the pattern you use.\ It is best to do it on a slightly spongy surface. A big mouse pad is great, but even a thick tablecloth or placemat will work. To 'steal' a coin, pinch the bottom corner of a card, lay it over the coin you are going to steal- your thumb will be on top of the card, and your finger under it. Push the finger into the padding so it can pinch the edge of the coin against the bottom of the card and pick both up as one. Watch a video of the trick- in each 'step', you are dropping a coin off that you picked up the last time, or stealing a new coin. The pattern is the key thing so you don't get mixed up, or get forced into awkward positions.
you need 5 coins actually you will be palming one the whole time so lay 4 coins out in a square shape about one foot apart and palm the extra one so you put the hand thats palming the coin (I'll say it's you right hand) over the right corner and your left hand over the left corner you'll notice that there are now 2 coins under your right hand and only 1 under your left hand so switch the palming (palm the one in your left hand and leave the one you were palming with your right hand where it is) then slide your hands away and it will look as if the coin from the left teleported itself to the right andjust keep doing that until there are four coins under one hand
phanboy8 years ago
i dont know what a soin trick is... but