How do true sear triggers work? And are they better then regular true block triggers? And why?

Yeah... So how do sear triggers work? And are they better? And why?

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knexsniper18 years ago
a sear trigger is most of the time always used on a sling shot gun for the purpose of hooking the ound onto the rigger mechanism. the way a sear mechanism works is very simple:

basically what you have is a bullet, something like a rod with a small tan clip or blue clip on it. this serves as the hook. the hook is used to latch onto the trigger mechanism, and when the latch is pulled away (pulling the trigger) the bullet is launched forward because there is nothing stopping it anymore.

a good representation of the sear trigger is in this drawing made my Mepain

this picture represents exactly what i just told you. only in a more spaced out way. there does not always have to be an indirect trigger system. the trigger iteslf could be connected to the latch on the bullet if need be

I hope this answers your question! :)

TigerNod (author)  knexsniper18 years ago
Incredible, I have to give you the best answer... again! Keep up the good work! PS: according to the image notes that drawing was made by loosewire, not by mepain.
Oops, sorry!
travw8 years ago
Exactly as 'logic boy' said. Sear triggers are pretty cool, but there are very few decent ones, no great ones. The idea is good, but it isn't executed well. (Generally)
TigerNod (author)  travw8 years ago
So, which one is the best sear trigger according to you?
travw TigerNod8 years ago
Um... Probably the one on Mepain's Inferno.
TigerNod (author)  travw8 years ago
Is it on KI?
travw TigerNod8 years ago
DJ Radio travw8 years ago
I thought it was unreliable.
travw DJ Radio8 years ago
I've never actually built it, on account of everyone loathing the magazine. =p
But based on looks, the trigger itself is good.
Ty for the best answer, but i think that making a sear trigger is easier than a block, anyway you might need to work the connectors as it they were gears, refer to other sear triggers to know what i mean.
DJ Radio8 years ago
TigerNod (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
I know, I saw the topic but the answers there weren't detailed enough for my own sear trigger so I put this question in a different context, and look, it worked! Knex mepalm gave me the best answer.
knex_mepalm8 years ago
Sear triggers work by the trigger having a bit sticking up on top which sort of hooks onto the ram blocking it from hitting the barrel, but this makes it lower friction and may require some more bits and pieces, my favourite is the corner cutter, for some reason...
TigerNod (author)  knex_mepalm8 years ago
Ah, thanks. Your discription of "a bit sticking up on top" makes everything clear to me. I select this as best answer, and maybe i'll make a sear very soon.
DJ Radio8 years ago
Sear triggers work by holding the firing pin back instead of blocking the front. They arent necessarily better, Just more innovative if its original. If you want to see one in action, check out my SR Commando. I think its still the last sear trigger gun posted to date.
instead of blocking the pin at the front of the pin they hold the back of the pin back, they are better than block triggers as there is no friction at the front of the pin when firing, but they are also harder to make and use
TigerNod (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
So, which one is the best sear trigger according to you? (deja vu)
I really dont know I havent looked into it but you could do something like the trigger on I am canadians cannons