How do u download ipod touch apps 4free?

How 2 download apps4free( music 2 ) abbreviating b-cause I am typing on my iToich. I do not want to jail break it.

7danimal48 years ago
miiwii3 (author)  7danimal48 years ago
No jailbrake. But I got tired of searching so I jailbroke it
miiwii3 (author)  miiwii38 years ago
Did use that software though
Yeah! I used the "QuickFreedom" (QF)for Windows. But it wasn't the first jailbreak I tried. The first was "OfficialSn0w", it wasn't as easy as QF. I also tried a few others, but QF was the easiest to use plus you get to customize your boot logo, AND, you get the Cydia site(Telesforio) and The Installer app(iSpazio). YES!!!!!!!!!!