How do u get dogs to start going outside to go to the bathroom? They have dog yard and doggie door to get out to it.?

I have six small dogs. I'm having problems with them going to the bathroom inside instead of going out to there dog yard we have for them. We have a doggie door for them. We leave the light on at night and even tarped a area in case it rains. They seem to only do it at night and not all the time. We moved into a new house and took out the carpet and put new floors in. After that they started. How can i fix this and save my floors? I'm a big animal lover , but this is driving me nuts. Thanks Jennifer

NachoMahma8 years ago
. Dogs don't like to soil where they sleep and the places they consider home. Apparently they haven't yet grasped the boundaries of their new home. . Since they were housebroken before, you should be able to get the idea across very quickly by watching for signs they they want to relieve themselves (sniffing around is a big clue). When you see the clues, scoop them up and put them outside until they relieve themselves. Much praise for proper behavior. . If you catch them in the act, scoop them up (they will usually stop what they are doing, but be prepared), and gently scold while placing outside. Praise when they finish outside. . Punishing a dog after the fact doesn't do much good. They aren't good at making the connection between I did that five minutes ago and Alpha is unhappy about something now.
harlyquin8 years ago
I caught my dog in the act one time and looped my fingers under his collar took him outside and made him watch me while I peed on the lawn. he got the point. we didn't have to clean up after him until he got really old and couldn't make it out anymore. it's not a valid option for everyone, but it worked for me.
Well, Jennifer, I can give you some good tips! First, have you ever considered those paper trainers for dogs? They work best. Here's how to use them: The first day you will have, two, maybe three pads inside the house. Gradually, you will move the pads a little towards the door each day until the pads are actually outside. Then remove them when your dogs are ready. They should not have any problems after that. :) your welcome, Jennifer!