How do u make an x-box 360?

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lebowski8 years ago
You're probably better off trying to find a used one on craigslist or in our forums.
lol best answer
Doctor What8 years ago
Time, dedication, and steroids (aka, work at microsoft).
Steroids as in Balmer speeches kind of steroids? or Gates ego steroids?
digitrunner7 years ago
Well you start off with two 180s and then.....oh nvm its complicated
dab20001008 years ago
unless youre a college grad in tech or a genius you cant,just get used at local trade or online sell
UziMonkey8 years ago
You don't. Many, if not all, of the chips on the board are made specifically for the Xbox 360. The board is extremely complicated. It's not a simple machine, even experienced engineer would have a hard time making an xbox 360 clone!