How do u properly cut a mango?

i'm hungry and i don't know how i should cut it and i can't look it up on any other website cuz they're all blocked  

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Jayefuu8 years ago
I shave off the skin with a sharp knife, put it aside, then shave off slices of mango flesh and eat them. Yum!
Z..8 years ago
You slice off both sides of the mango. These are called mango 'cheeks'.

Now holding the cheek cut side upwards, slice through the flesh (not all the way through!), lengthways and crossways, making little squares.

Now just push the 'cup' of the mango cheek upwards. You'll have little square blocks of mango sticking, porcupine quills!! Enjoy!

(You can just pull the skin off the stone and suck all the flesh and juice off that too).
canida Z..8 years ago
I've actually gpt an Instructable up on this method!  Kind of hard to describe without pictures, isn't it.  ;)

How to Cut A Mango

Z.. canida8 years ago
Sorry canida! I should have known there would be an i/ble for this. It is damned hard to describe, you're right!
Re-design Z..8 years ago
By far the best way!
andieXcandie (author) 8 years ago
thanks..... i'm hungry like a wolf and i didn't want to get it like super messy..... fanks so much =) 
andieXcandie (author)  andieXcandie8 years ago
ok idk why i said that but i'm tired and i'm gonna go to bed