How do we make our hard cider effervescent?

 We add yeast, campden tablets let it sit & it is flat.

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Sandisk1duo8 years ago
if you just want to carbonate it, put the cider in a tough waterproof container and drop in a small piece of dry ice, then close the lid and let the pressure build

after some time, you will have carbonated beverage

orksecurity8 years ago
Ferment in a sealed container, so the CO2 can build up pressure and be forced into solution. It wants to let _some_ pressure escape, so it doesn't rupture, but still get pretty strongly inflated. A plastic gallon jug with a screw top works just fine for me. Chilling the cider will also help it take up more CO2, as may shaking it once it's under pressure.

Of course if you want your cider to ferment, it should not contain preservatives. Mine works because I get it from a local cider mill which pasteurizes but otherwise does not tamper with the product.
And remember, effervescent for long blankets, the fiddlestick out the bottom.
This is going to be a silly question, but are you sure that your yeast is alive? I've never used Campden tablets, but don't they kill yeast? Maybe it's a question of timing, i.e. wait longer after using the tablets to rack the yeast?
lemonie8 years ago
Why are you adding Campden tablets?
When it's just about done with the main fermentation, dissolve sugar in a little hot water (1oz per 20 pints) add that to the brew. Put it into clean bottles, leaving about an inch and a half of head-space, seal the bottles. Leave it a week or two and then see how it is. You need to have a little yeast transferred to the bottles, but not a lot, and they need to be able to take pressure, i.e. use glass beer/soda bottles.