How do womens brains and minds work ? Help....can any man work out this "only women know the answer to this" question.?

I am a simple genious of a man, How do i ever stand a chance alone. But by the power of " Male Merging" ( The collection of many fine male minds) we must work out the answer to this age old question for the preservation of the future male generations. Forget trying to work out Pi to the zilionth decimal. That is childs play THIS is the real puzzle, So calling male brainpower accross the W.W.W Your gender needs YOU !!!

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beingteri7 years ago
I guess we should be thankful a male is actually asking the question, right, however experience would tell us to ask, "Why do you want to know, what's your motive?" THAT, (in my opinion), seems to be the numero uno difference between the sexes. Yes, we have all the same hormones coursing through our blood...but Testosterone seems to be dominant in the Males, while the females have Estrogen, Progesterone, and Prolactin and their derivatives rotating as the dominate. Not to be insulting to the questioner or any of the males out there...but he calls himself "a simple genius"...but he maybe should have just left it at simple. The male of the species is ruled by testosterone 99% of the time and the body infuses it in EVERY situation. Sees a cute girl - testosterone (flirty, peacocking). Sees another guy checking out your girl - testosterone (possessive, territorial, pissing contest). Gets the signal from your girl your getting lucky - testosterone (procreation). Gets a compliment, raise, or promotion at work - testosterone. (machismo, flaunting power). Most of the males actions and reactions are in the extremes of the 2 autonomic nervous system...they are fight/flight OR feed/breed that's it. What they see with their eyes translates ONLY to one of the two extremes, period. Women on the other hand are more discerning and more complex. Most women fall somewhere in the middle of the extremes, and only venture to the edges of the autonomic nervous systems when it becomes a matter of survival. Because of this, women were given (or developed) an intuition to read a whole situation, which most of the time senses another person's motives (regardless if that information is ignored). Maybe because we were given the task of incubation and in most cases rearing the progeny of the species (as does the female of most species), the female tends to look and think long term, and reacts accordingly to each situation differently. The Males make war, the Females want, seek, and make Peace. Men see the world (and ALL females in it) as conquests needing to conquering and control. Women (most of them) selectively choose a mate based on his ability to provide the security and well being necessary for her progeny to survive and thrive. If you asked this question because you are feeling a little played, or you feel like nothing you do pleases the opposite YOUR motives before approach. Women are walking Bullshit detectors, and most Men stick of bullshit 100% of the time. Try authenticity, instead of approaching with the "Me-Me-Me" vibe, try approaching with a "how can I make life easier on YOU" vibe...Women already know why you're really there - you're looking for a garage to park your testosterone mobile in - duh! And another thing, you "simple genius" you...try some humility. If you pump yourself up in front of her/them (peacocking) and do things like, rattle of totally useless trivia to sport how smart you are, or call yourself a simple genius...that will likely not bode well for your sex life. BE HUMBLE, genuinely take interest in what she is telling you about herself, even remember a few of the facts...that will impress the hell out her and score you a free parking pass or two! : )
Everyones independent in their thought- we are not in a group plan of world domination. The difference is hormones and when it comes to certain issues men can be more logical or women can. I highly doubt referring to yourself as a "simple genius of a man" is helping your relationship with the opposite sex.
paganwonder8 years ago
Mens' and Womens' minds may use the same chemistry to function but what women think about is wholly unrelated to what men think about. To overly generalize and simplify- you don't understand if you don't have one. Quit worrying about it and go buy her some chocolate! I am a male RN- after many years the only thing I've learned is Buy Chocolate!
Men are from Mars while women are from Venus. That's why women are such a mystery.
"If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?"

As frollard said, the same way men's work. We're different, but we're not a different species. If you think about it in a global sense, the differences in psychology are relatively minor; we are much the same. The same emotions, cognitions, motivations, and instincts are common to men and women alike. When and to what degree these are triggered varies hugely from individual to individual, both across the genders and within one or the other. The sexes are different, but I'm not sure it's a very precise or productive goal to attempt to figure out how women's (or men's) brains and minds work. We're still quite unclear as to much of how any human's brain and mind work, so it would appear to me to be putting the cart before the horse to try to figure out the difference between the sexes' thinking before we understand how we think in general.

Often this subject is brought up because one really wants to know, not how the other gender's brains work, but how to sucessfully carry on a relationship with them. You can succeed in being on good terms with a vast many women you meet by treating women and girls as respected human beings, no different from any other person. Just excercise common sense, be polite, and don't treat us as if we were any lesser, and see us as people, not females. Female or male is not the whole person, it is one aspect of a person, and to focus solely on this aspect is to be much the poorer in life.
See What Women Want, a documentary starring Mel Gibson
ChrysN8 years ago
If only women know the answer to this question why are you "calling male brainpower" to work this out?
frollard8 years ago
They work the same way mens minds work, but they have different neurochemicals/transmitters in play - so their reasoning is 'reasonable' but not identifiable by the opposite sex. Factor in 'everyone' is different - and you've got yourself an enigma.
lemonie8 years ago
Post it in a Forum - you should get more responses. L